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About Jason Fury

I am a graduate of the Web Design and Graphic Arts Specialist course from the Institute of Technology. I've been involved in Sacramento graphic design and web design since 1998.

I am currently on retainer as Webmaster/ Lead Graphic Designer for a national company which provides web site design and many, many other services, including business cards, post card mailers, brochures, logo design, T-shirt design and all manner of other print and digital media production. is a small web design and graphic design "shop" based in Sacramento Ca. consisting of myself and a three man on call design team. I bring in different team members depending on what the specific job requires. One of which is No need to worry about prices being inflated to pay people who aren't actually needed on a particular project like with some other Sacramento graphic design and web design companies. We work effectively and efficiently as a team and each bring a unique perspective and talent to the table.


A Little History...

I started out in web design back in 1998 when I was trying to design a web site for an RPG book (which is an entirely different story). All I had available to me at the time was FrontPage which I didn't like at all. So a friend of mine threw together a small, very basic site for me so that I could look at the code and see just how HTML worked. As it turned out I was much more comfortable hand coding than trying to use FrontPage. (Later I discovered just how bad FrontPage actually was.) Soon after followed the graphics and I instantly found my niche. As it turned out I had a natural knack for both image manipulation and HTML construction, and I've been hooked ever since.

The Napalm Tanker. One of the first 3D models I ever made.
A sample of a scratch built model for the game Tread Marks
After that I started working on a game called Tread Marks. I ended up almost completely rebuilding the game from the ground up by creating the Storm Pack addon. This was about a 6 month endeavor that involved extensive 3D and graphical work creating, editing and texturing the models. There was also physics editing, sprite creation and implementation, level design and other fields too numerous to mention here. All in all there ended up being about 25 new vehicles, 20 new weapons and 15 new maps.

Once all that was done I took a more in depth look into graphic design. I had learned to make some wonderful textures in the course of creating the Storm Pack so decided to take it a bit further. I started delving into creating desktop wallpapers, photo retouching, gif animation, Flash animation, creating Fonts and other digital creations.

I then began looking for work in the graphic arts field and ran into that eventual wall where I couldn't get hired without certification. So off to school I went.

Since then I have been working professionally in both the Graphic Design and Web Design fields consistently over the last 7 years.


Jason Fury is a web site designer and graphic artist in Sacramento, CA. He offers many kinds of web and print based services such as; web design, graphic arts, logo design, search engine submission, search engine optimization, digital art and 'pert near anything else you can come up with.
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